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Executive Summary

on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 15:27

The Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office (MCCEO) and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) partnered to form a Taskforce with representation from both secondary and postsecondary institutions to gather data and perform analysis in order to inform the development of statewide articulation agreements for six areas of study. The purpose of statewide articulation is to facilitate secondary students’ transitions to the public community college system. The Commonwealth has sixty-eight Chapter 74-approved vocational technical education programs. After a successful pilot resulting in the development of a statewide articulation in Drafting, the two agencies sought to identify six Chapter-74 secondary programs to target for statewide articulation that would positively impact the greatest number of high school students. The result of this work is agreements for the following programs: Automotive Technology, Culinary Arts, Design & Visual Communications, Early Childhood Education, Engineering Technology, and Information Support Services & Networking.

The Taskforce looked at the number of secondary schools offering the particular Chapter 74-approved program, the number of community colleges that offered either a related program or course, compared the Chapter 74 program’s curriculum frameworks with the program/course at the post-secondary level and created a crosswalk of common learning outcomes between the two. The following provides a synopsis of the data collected by the Taskforce for each of the six programs:

# of Secondary Schools with Approved Ch. 74 Programs

# of Community Colleges that offer related program(s) or course(s)

Recommended Articulated Course(s)

Automotive Technology Program




Introduction to/Fundamentals of Automotive

Culinary Arts Program




  • Basic Food Preparation

  • ServSafe

Design & Visual Communications Program




Introduction to Computer Graphic Design

Early Childhood Education Program




Introduction to

Early Childhood Education/Elective

Engineering Technology Program




Introduction to Electronics/Robotics/Circuits

Information Support Services & Networking Program




Introduction to Network Plus/A+