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Public Records Requests

As of January 1, 2017 a new public records law took effect in Massachusetts. You can access information about the new law on the Secretary of State's website at

The Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office (MCCEO) is not the central repository or record keeper for the fifteen community colleges in Massachusetts.  As autonomous institutions, each community college maintains its own public records and has a designated Records Access Officer (RAO).  If you are seeking public records from one of the 15 community colleges, please contact that institution directly.  MCCEO does not maintain statewide data or statistics on all 15 community colleges. Public records maintained by MCCEO include, but are not limited, to the following: 


Bids and RFPs


Salaries for employees can be found via CTHRU Payroll. CTHRU Payroll is the Office of Comptroller's new transparency site for state spending and payroll. It provides spending data going back to fiscal year 2010 and payroll data back to calendar year 2010 through present for most state agencies.

Guidelines for Requesting Public Records Information

Although not required, requests for public records should be submitted in writing via email in order to ensure that MCCEO accurately and completely responds to your request. A request for public records should include:

  • Description of specific records being requested;
  • Date parameters for the public records being requested;
  • Name of person or organization requesting the public records; and
  • The requesting person's/organization's contact information.

Public Records requests and inquiries can be made by contacting MCCEO's Public Records Access Officer:

David Koffman, Director of Communications and Policy


Phone: (617) 542-2911

Address: Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office

15 Court Square, Suite 1100, Boston, MA 02108