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The Chair Academy

on Mon, 01/11/2016 - 14:30

On behalf of the 15 Community Colleges, The Massachusetts Community Colleges Executive Office has partnered with The Chair Academy to offer leadership development programs to faculty and staff. Founded in 1990, The Chair Academy has been offering programs to University and College leaders nationwide for 26 years. Based on the concept of training-over-time, this program allows participants to thoroughly understand, internalize, and apply leadership concepts and competencies. The overall focus of the program is to establish a high quality, cost-effective succession, and leadership development program which utilizes a competencies-based approach, grounded in sound theoretical leadership concepts, principles, and practices. Four basic criteria are incorporated in both the design and delivery of all leadership topic areas: active engagement of participants, meaningful and relevant curriculum content that is useful and applicable to learning in the job setting, and measurable development outcomes.

For information regarding The Chair Academy and upcoming programs in Massachusetts please visit their website at