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Transfer & Joint Admissions

on Tue, 07/17/2012 - 00:41

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students enroll in the Massachusetts Community College system to prepare for entry into a four-year college. You can significantly reduce your four-year education expenses by first completing a two-year program at a community college. Massachusetts Community Colleges structure their degree programs to ensure that credits transfer upon enrollment into a four-year public or private learning institution. Massachusetts Community Colleges have a special arrangement with Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts that can guarantee acceptance to students who fulfill course requirements and maintain a satisfactory grade point average. Also, each community college has negotiated agreements with private colleges and universities that guarantee admission as a junior for qualified community college graduates. Your community college transfer advisor will work closely with you to identify four-year colleges that meet your needs and assist you in the applications process.

Transferring from a Community College to a Public Institution 

The Commonwealth Commitment Program

The Commonwealth Commitment program enables students to start out at a Community College and seamlessly transfer to one the state universities or UMASS for specific programs at a reduced cost.  The program offers a freeze on tuition and mandatory fees for all four years upon entry into the Commonwealth Commitment program. Students in the program will receive a 10% rebate off tuition & mandatory fees, payable via check or bookstore voucher at the end of every successfully completed semester (of 15 credits). Students must begin at one of the 15 Massachusetts Community Colleges, complete an associate degree within 2.5 years, transfer to one of the Massachusetts State Universities or UMass campuses, complete a bachelor's degree within 2 more years, maintain continuous enrollment and a cumulative 3.0 GPA throughout the program. Please note only specific academic programs qualify for tuition discounting through the Commonwealth Commitment.  Full program eligibility and details on tuition discounts and requirements are updated on the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s website. Learn More!

MassTransfer Program

The MassTransfer program enables students enrolled at any of the Commonwealth's 15 Community Colleges to transfer their core credits to a four year Public Higher Education Institution within the State University and UMASS System. MassTransfer not only allows the student's credits to transfer, it also makes sure that they will not have to backtrack and repeat overlapping courses at four year institutions. This is one of the many ways that Massachusetts is working to make college affordable. 

Transferring from a Community College to a Private Institution 

In addition to the programs in place that facilitate transfer between public institutions, Massachusetts' Community Colleges have more than 350 articulation agreements in place with over 90 private colleges and universities. These agreements are designed to help students obtain baccalaureate degrees in specific fields. As always, your advisor should be consulted to make sure that you maintain a track to qualify for one of these programs should you intend to transfer. Below is a sampling of some of the agreements and programs that are currently in place with private institutions. 

Additionally, Suffolk University and Dean College have both adopted the Mass Transfer program allowing qualified students with a 2.0 GPA or greater to transfer all 34 credits of general education to either institution. For more information please visit their resepective websites. 

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